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Challenges of the current education system

  • Minimal interaction with parents
  • No proper updates to parents about their children
  • High consumption of parent's time
  • Minimal updates to parents about the school
  • Present system is a manual system which lacks security and is time consuming. This is not user friendly.
  • The data is recorded manually, which is error prone and often    leads to confusion.
  • A lot of file work had to be done for storing information like    student details, faculty details. There may be possibility of delay in    managing whole admission process.

Proposed System

DHROVIN is an Education Management Software to make the task of Administrator, Management, Faculty, Students, and Parents easier. Ensures the consistency by enabling the parents to register themselves and to find the desired information about Education Institute, Time Table, Exam Results, Curriculum Status, notices, event schedule and many more.

Why Dhrovin

  • Closes the gap between Parent's needs and Challenges of the    current education system
  • Captures 360 degree view of the education system

Dhrovin Key Benefits

  • Real time updates to the parents about their children
    • SMS
    • Email
    • Phone calls
    • Real time messenger
    • Social Media Integration (Facebook/Twitter)
  • High Interactive Analytical student/school performance reports
  • World class Predictive student/school performance reports

Admission Management

This module will have all activities related to Admission Process


This Module will create and capture all the activities related to Academic .

Examination Management

This Module will create and capture the activities related to Examination.


This module will create and maintain the processes related to Administration department.

Human Resource (HR)

This Module is captures all the activities related to Employees and Management.

Communication Management

We have integrated SMS and Email facilities where all the activities which requires Parents attention are linked and will communicate the parents time to time. We have a Notification Slider where all the activities will be highlighted.

Dhrovin | Education Management System

I.T in Education

  • Education is a lifelong process therefore anytime anywhere    access to it is the need.
  • Information explosion is an ever increasing phenomena therefore    there is need to get access to this information.
  • Education should meet the needs of variety of learners and    therefore IT is important in meeting this need.

What a Parent need from the Institute ?

  • Quality education
  • Timely information
  • Children's performance (Studies, Sports, other extra-curricular activities)
  • School performance
  • More school information with minimal time investment


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